Baking and Cookery class in London

Mauderne Mission

Bring happiness to people through sharing tips and recipes during cooking classes hosted in a friendly environment.

Source the best ingredients to enhance the degustation experience and make tasty pastry.

Develop new and innovative classes with and for Mauderne apprentice chefs family.


Maud, the founder

Hello! I’m Maud. In April 2018. I founded Mauderne Baking School. I’m a French food lover with a special and unique affection to pastry. I am originally from Alsace, famous for its gastronomy, its wines and its Christmas market. Next to my grandmother, I started very young as a little girl to bake cakes, pies and all sorts of desserts. I gather my inspiration and my creativity around the world when I’m traveling and train.

My wish:

I want to make pastry and cooking classes accessible to everyone.


Massy, the climber

Hello! I'm Massy. I am an Italian Head Pastry Chef at a famous restaurant in London. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and my stories when it comes to pastry. I've recently joined Mauderne Baking School as one of the teaching chefs.I will teach you how to make chou pastry. I love French (and Italian) patisserie. I've made almost any sorts of baked foods in Italy, UK & Australia and I'm so happy to be able to share this with you during the masterclasses.

My wish

I want to share with you all the secrets and tips I have learnt during the last 10 years as a Pastry Chef.

Italian Pastry Chef

Matteo, the whisker

Hello! I'm Matteo. I am an Italian Pastry Chef in an iconic British collection restaurants in London. I love my job and in particular working with sugar and chocolate to make artistic creations. Join one of the macarons classes at Mauderne Baking School and I will share with pleasure what you need to know to make these French iconic and delicate pastry back at home for your beloved ones. My favourite flavours are pistachio and raspberry. And you?

My wish

I want everyone to enjoy and learn during this experience and to enable you make delicate pastry at home.


A unique and unforgettable

baking experience

Our goal is to enable anyone to successfully master any recipes by sharing all 'make it at home' secrets and tips from a professional kitchen environment. That is why sessions are only available for small groups and individuals up to 12 people. If you'd like to join the experience, check the next availability and become part of Mauderne Family.

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