Learn the secret of how to make the perfect macarons

Joanne and Geeta attended the macarons class at Mauderne Baking School and she's speaking about it in her blog: Love Pop Ups London. 

Happy customers at Baking Class in London

Love Pop Ups London is a community of social media influencers who love to help promote and spread the word about new popped up places from restaurants to events. Joanna will tell you how I made her fall in love with macarons!

Holy Macaron I am in macaron heaven at Mauderne Baking School. 

Have you ever wondered how to make macarons? then wonder no more as at Mauderne Baking School you’ll be able to learn how to make cute French Macarons from scratch. 

I was invited down along with Geeta another member of Love Pop Ups London on a complimentary basis by Maude to join her at her house to learn the techniques of how to make a perfect macaron.

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